Please read the terms and conditions for attending temporary campsites.
It is for your own safety
Terms & Conditions for attending the Temporary Campsites
All Meets Require Pre-Booking
Please do not attend unless you have had confirmation of your booking

  1. If you have been in contact with anyone recently with Corona virus or if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend
  2. On arrival at site, please wait in your vehicle for the host to direct you. Each person in your vehicle must be asked, in turn, to confirm that they do not have any COVID 19 symptoms. Should any person in a party declare, or exhibit, COVID 19 symptoms the whole camping party will not be permitted to enter the campsite.
  3. All persons attending will be responsible for bringing their own Hand Sanitiser, cleaning materials and P.P.E.
  4. All units will be sited so habitation doors are not facing, but still ensuring they can drive forward in an emergency. Groups will be spaced out around the site.
  5. There will be no day visitors or non-members allowed onto the site.
  6. No enclosed awnings/gazebos/tents to be erected which could be used for common shelters or social activities. Personal awnings/gazebos as part of a family’s own outfit are permitted for family use only.
  7. There shall be no sharing of food or drink, crockery or utensils to minimise transmission of infection.
  8. There are to be no communal barbaques, again to minimise transmission of infection.
  9. Covid-19 rules allow you to meet up to a maximum of 6 people from different households in an outdoor location, but still complying with social distancing rules.
  10. Covid-19 rules allow 2 households (including anyone in your support bubble) to meet in a public or private location, indoors or outdoors, but still maintaining social distancing.
  11. Please wash your hands on a regular basis and ensure you comply with the social distancing rules.
  12. If anyone attending the meet becomes ill and has corona virus symptoms, they must leave the site immediately and return home, self-isolate and seek appropriate medical guidance to arrange a covid-19 test as required by law. The commonly used areas such as rubbish bins, water taps, elsan,etc., must be closed and deep cleaned. Details of the incident must be recorded and kept.
  13. Anyone attending this meet and not complying with these rules and thereby putting other persons at risk and or breaking social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the venue.

Please be aware that our normal rally rules will also apply to this meet