Yorkshire’s new President

Every one at the Yorkshire Group would like to congratulate Alan Stead at becoming our new president.
Alan and his wife Elsie who have been married for 57 years, became members of the MCC 25 years ago in the summer of 1995, their first rally was at Marsham sheep fair.
They attended their first national in 1996 at the three counties showground Malvern.
Always supported the Roses rallies. They would bring their Granddaughter Katie in the earlier years of rallying, when a lot of youngsters enjoyed rallies.
Alan remembers in the earlier years, the first rally of the year was always the Valentines rally.
Rallies only had a room on Saturdays or they used the large marque that the group had.
Alan has been a past committee member, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Yorkshire group.
Elsie has always supported Alan and the group, anything to do with needlework, Elsie made costumes, handicrafts,repairing costumes and even tents and awnings.
Alan and Elsie have hosted numerous rallies and still do till this day, they are always their when you need them, they are very knowledgeable about the MCC and Rallying.
Once again congratulations Alan Stead president of our group.

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