• Motorhome Weight Limits
    An overloaded motorhome may be uninsured and, if you are over 3,500kg and your licence doesn’t allow for that, then you could face two offences – an overloading offence and a licence offence with fines of up to £1,000 for
  • Clean Air Zones UK
    This year has seen an increase in the number of active Clean Air Zones ( CAZ). Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth to name a few. You need to be aware of all of them so as not to get caught with
  • A few pictures from Malton RUFC 1st to 5th June
  • Book Swap
    Please note that at all future rallies where we have access to a room there will be a Book Swap stall over the weekend, please bring your old books to share with other members and do a ”Book Swap” over
  • Beer and soft drink Ring Pulls
    Chrissie is collecting ring pulls from beer, cider and sort drink cans, these ring pulls are also being collected by other MCC groups and they make their way to the Scouts, who in turn pass them on to raise money
  • Malton and Norton RUFC-Jubilee Weekend
    This rally ran from Wednesday 1st June to Sunday 5th June 26 vans from Yorkshire, 2 from East Midlands, 1 from Lancashire, and me (Essex member living in Yorkshire) We had first time Yorkshire members Chris, Jo & James who
  • Kays Barn Rally 20th-23rd May
    This was a joint rally with Northern Counties, a total of 89 vans attended. Yorkshire Group 38 Northern Counties Group 48 Lancashire Group 2 Essex Group 1 Friday night we had music care of Mark Greenley, and a free fresh
  • The Queens Jubilee Rally 1st to 5th June
    SO, WHATS GOING ON ? The room will be open every day for your use, come over and have a game of cards, chess or dominoes, or just have a chat and a cuppa. Raffle tickets on sale until its