LPG Filling France


Here is some news about refilling LPG in France at TOTAL FILLING STATIONS.
It appears that you can no longer fill your LPG tanks if it is for use within the van.
There are other facilities available , but not at Total Filling Stations.
Below is an extract

Total’s response

We sent Régine Travelle’s letter to the Communication department of Total and received the following response which has the merit of clarity.

I can confirm that only vehicles equipped with a LPG tank are authorized to use the pump and that recharging for any use other than mobility is strictly prohibited. A motorhome equipped with a LPG tank is therefore entirely authorized to use the pump, on the other hand it will not be able to fill its gas cylinder, for example. The installations of Total service stations are strictly intended to supply “gas” mobility energy to vehicles running on LPG-C. The evocation that you make of a tank which is admittedly approved but “supplying household appliances” could be a possible answer, in the absence of more specific information on the specific case that you mention in Mont-de-Marsan and Nîmes. The safety of our customers and staff is our priority and any other use of these facilities involves a risk to use. After several events linked to a use other than the mobility of the vehicle and which gave rise to risky situations, in particular fire, we were forced for safety reasons to prohibit these unintended uses.

Look here (this is in French, but your web browser should be able to translate to English for you)