Motorhome Weight Limits

An overloaded motorhome may be uninsured and, if you are over 3,500kg and your licence doesn’t allow for that, then you could face two offences – an overloading offence and a licence offence with fines of up to £1,000 for the licence transgression and six penalty points. Weight limits are monitored by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (which took over from VOSA in 2014).

New technology means that your motorhome can be weighed while it’s in motion and many motorways have this technology built in. It’s linked to cameras that detect number plates and can automatically compare the vehicle’s actual weight with its registered weight. This weight-in-motion (WIM) system was primarily brought in to tackle overladen trucks, but works just as effectively on motorhomes. We know VOSA has targeted vehicles leaving or arriving at motorhome shows in the past. We understand there are at least 12 WIMs in the road network but some estimates now put this at nearer 50.
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Below are a couple link for anyone wanting to know about the weight limits on their motorhomes.

If you’re caught driving an overweight motorhome, you’ll either get an on-the-spot fine of up to £300 per offence, or be issued with a court summons. If the motorhome is deemed unsafe, you may be prevented from carrying on with your journey.

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