Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club Rally

Thankfully hosts were found for this rally. A big thank you to David Lodge, Valerie Jennings, Alec and Carolyn Robertson for hosting. They provided us all with lots on information about the site, local amenities, buses, shops and pathways. However neglecting to tell me about the 6 ft fence I had to climb over on one path. It certainly made the walk all the more interesting.

The rally was well attended. There were 20 from Yorkshire 3 Northern Counties, 4 East Midlands, 1 Essex, 1 North West Midlands and North Wales and 1 South West Wales. We hope all our visitors enjoyed the Yorkshire coastline and surrounding area.

The weather was mostly sunny except for the Saturday morning. These four (one taking the photo) got a good soaking on the walk to Bridlington.

Some had come for a relaxing time and spent most of the time in and around the site. Those who like walking covered over 10 miles, and those with bikes and BIG batteries covered many miles around the area. Some were helping others with their motorhome problems, while others just chewed the fat.

Sadly, not everyone could stay for the whole period, as many still have to work.

A great place, and a good time was had by all.