Whitby Rally 2022


The rally opened with a flurry of vans appearing out of nowhere. Thanks to the hosts and helpers they kept the vans quickly moving into place. Thanks to Frank, Flo, Will and Sue.

We were not on the sports ground as was anticipated by many, but located in the tennis courts, school play ground and car park. The school had had many new buildings installed in the playground, which reduced the capacity of the venue even further.

Heritage Trail Fisherman
Whitby Town

There was access to showers, toilets and a gym for evening activities.

The location is good for transport, easy access to town, shopping, and a pub for meals.

It was good to see members taking a good look around Whitby and taking in many its sights and venues.

Walking the Cinder Trail, the Monks Walk, the Heritage Trail and other paths around the venue.

Dog Show

In the evening we were subjected to Julie’s quiz, (even Mensa members would find it hard), but proved to be very entertaining, Bingo, music, games. and a singer on Saturday night.

This year we also had a number of children attending with their grandparents. It was great to see them enjoying themselves. Lets see more coming in the future.

We had 53 vans 44 Yorkshire, 5 Northern Counties, 1 Chiltern, 1 Seven Valley, 2 West Counties,
Thanks to all the committee and helpers for a great weekend.

Taking buses to Goatland, Scarborough, Robin Hoods Bay and many places in between. Cycling and walking to Robin Hoods Bay, even if they didn’t quite get there.
Maybe next time you’ll make it Steve, Kev, and Tony. Fish and Chips were consumed in great numbers along with a few drinks too!

On Sunday there was a dog show. There was a good turnout from the members who enjoyed a couple of hours of entertaining antics from their dogs and their owners.

Heritage Trail Fisherman